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Alfa Romeo is set to launch its new Giulia saloon in late 2015, and the model has been designed to grab market share from the rapid BMW M3. To do so, the Italian manufacturer will unleash the car with power significantly greater than that of the 425bhp M3, potentially beyond 500bhp.
Fans, industry reviewers and motorists across the US are awaiting the return of Alfa Romeo with the 4C’s launch in 2015. The coupé has made its way to the offices of some key publications for test drives, and the responses have already been incredibly positive.
A new list of carmakers signed up to Apple’s CarPlay system this month brings the total to 29. Under the Fiat-Chrysler brand umbrella, the move means that the technology will come to Alfa Romeo cars in future.
This year’s Festival runs until June 29, and the Alfa Romeo displays at Goodwood are causing considerable excitement.
The music brand is one of the most legendary names in high-quality guitar amps, and the look of the one-off model draws heavily from the style of amplification equipment.
Following a preview of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider convertible at the Geneva Motor Show, the car has been spied in road testing. It’s currently scheduled for a 2015 release.
Fiat-Chrysler have outlined the five-year plan for expanded company growth, and predict high returns from investing in the Alfa Romeo brand.
To celebrate the unveiling of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint in 1954, the manufacturer created an exclusive prize draw for the car. One lucky UK driver would have the chance to own a current-generation Giulietta at the 1954 price of the model - £1,250.