Alfa Romeo 6C to take on the F-TYPE

Alfa Romeo is to take on Jaguar by creating an F-TYPE-rivalling rear-wheel drive coupé. The model is expected to be called the Alfa Romeo 6C, and will take visual styling cues from the Maserati Alfieri concept.

The Alfieri has been confirmed for production in 2016, and its influence is clearly seen on design images released of the incoming 6C, a fellow Fiat Chrysler Automobiles model. The muscular rear section and tear-drop shaped windows are obvious borrowings from the luxury Alfieri sports car, yet the 6C retains its own character with classic Alfa Romeo details. The arrow front grille remains with a mesh air intake cut into the bumper below this. Meanwhile, slim headlamps give a determined expression to the front face.

The vehicle's smoothly curved roofline ends at a slender rear with a quad exhaust set-up, and narrow taillights complete the appeal. The 6C shown through the exclusive image released by Auto Express also sits on familiar ringed alloy wheels.

Underpinning the 6C will be the platform from the Alfieri, essentially the same structure used in the Maserati Ghibli but shortened. A tuned version of the Ghibli's 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine is expected under the bonnet, and it will likely produce between 480bhp and 520bhp.

The 6C should arrive sometime in 2017, and a limited run is expected to retain exclusivity. The road-legal racer will be available through Lookers in Cardiff, and we also stock all of the brand's latest distinctive passenger cars. Browse our selection today before enquiring directly.