Alfa Romeo another brand announced for Apple CarPlay partnership

A new list of carmakers signed up to Apple's CarPlay system this month brings the total to 29. Under the Fiat-Chrysler brand umbrella, the move means that the technology will come to Alfa Romeo cars in future.

Apple unveiled CarPlay during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show back in March – it brings iOS from other Apple products directly into cars. A touchscreen can be fitted at the dashboard to display the system and provide quick access to functions with full iPhone 5 compatibility. Owners will be able to use Siri voice controls to make searches and calls, hear their text messages and view maps.

The intention is for the majority of manufacturers to bring CarPlay to their ranges as an optional feature – it may be standard for more premium and luxury cars. Alfa Romeo customers are set to benefit from the added accessibility and the boost to their sheer driving enjoyment.

It's likely that the first Alfa Romeo car available with CarPlay will be announced, if not launched, in 2015. No model has been confirmed for the technology, and there are as yet no rumours of the release date.

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