Alfa Romeo introduces the new 4C to American drivers

Fans, industry reviewers and motorists across the US are awaiting the return of Alfa Romeo with the 4C's launch in 2015. The coupé has made its way to the offices of some key publications for test drives, and the responses have already been incredibly positive.

Built to be as lightweight and agile as possible, the 4C is finished with extensive carbon fibre and a painstakingly streamlined and unique design. It makes full use of a turbocharged engine to demonstrate impressive road performance, supported by new technologies and an intuitive, minimalist interior style.

American online motoring magazine Car And Driver offered fans a Q&A on the vehicle. They posted answers to 20 of the best questions about the model they received. The 4C's vocal exhaust system and options were singled out for praise, and the team mentions the 'bug-eye' LED headlight style exclusive to the European version of the car.

The Alfa Romeo 4C will be made available in the UK in very limited numbers, with only an estimated 1,000 cars to be produced per year.

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