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Hints and Tips from Lookers Alfa Romeo Cardiff

Your Alfa Romeo has been designed to the highest specification, ensuring it delivers the very best in all round performance and comfort. A service schedule has been designed to ensure your car remains in the best possible running condition throughout it's life. To keep your Alfa Romeo in optimum running condition between service intervals, it is vitally important that the following checks are regularly carried out:

Engine Oil

The engine oil in your Alfa Romeo is responsible for lubricating, cleaning and preventing corrosion. It plays a vital role in the overall health of your engine and helps to prolong it's life. Make sure you check the oil level regularly as incorrect levels can cause catastrophic failure.

Screenwash and Windscreen Wipers

Never compromise your visibility! Always ensure your screen wash reservoir is full and at the same time check the Wiper Blades, signs of cracking or splitting mean new blades are long overdue.

Coolant / Antifreeze

Antifreeze or Coolant is designed to cool the engine in the Summer and prevent the engine from freezing in the Winter. It is also designed to prevent corrosion so should be replaced every two years to ensure the correct consistency as incorrect levels can cause expensive damage.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a key component of any braking system. When your foot applies pressure to the brake pedal, the fluid is forced through the brake system and causes the brake calipers to 'grip' the brake discs and slow your car down. Brake Fluid attracts water and can become ineffective and should be check and replaced regularly.


Always ensure you have the recommended 3.0mm tread available on your tyres (1.6mm is the legal requirement) and the tyre pressures are correct in line with your user handbook specifications. Over or under inflated tyres can cause excessive wear to your tyres and shorten their lifespan.

External lights

To make sure you are clearly visible in the dark, it is imperative that your external lights are fully operational at all time. Purchase a light bulb from Lookers Alfa Romeo and we will fit it for you 'FREE of charge'.

If you would prefer to visit the dealer direct, you can do so in person at our Cardiff dealership:

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