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Free Pothole Damage Inspection

Potholes are an increasing problem on our roads and, as well as causing damage to vehicles, they are a potential safety hazard. Potholes are caused by water penetrating the asphalt surface of a road through cracks. When this water freezes during cold weather it expands and causes the surface of the road to rupture. When the ice melts, a space is left below the surface which caves in under the stress of traffic and eventually turns into a pothole.

Hitting a pothole can cause a number of problems including buckled wheels, cracks, lumps in the tyre, cracked alloys an unbalanced wheels. This damage can sometimes go undetected but could still seriously affect your Audi. Ensure your Audi is in optimum condition with a free pothole damage inspection. Our highly skilled Audi technicians will carry out extensive visual checks on your tyres, steering, suspension and shock absorbers to ensure that they are all still in good working order. If any issues are found we can supply a free estimate and will only carry out work with your approval.

For more information, or to book your free inspection, please contact your nearest Lookers Audi centre.

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