Get the most out of a test drive

You should never feel pressured to rush a test drive or overlook anything. Every driver enjoys all of the time and space they need when they come to Lookers – and here are some tips on making the most of the appointment:

Agree on the time that's good for you

If you're able to pick between a few regional dealerships and make an appointment that's more suited to you than the dealer, then always do so. It may also be beneficial to arrange several test drives in one day, with enough time between each to evaluate the vehicles and travel to the next showroom.

Adjust the cabin to your own needs

It's likely that the test model will be configured to the previous driver's seating position –move the seat and steering wheel if you need to. Check how easy it is to get in and out of the vehicle and to adjust specific parts, as well as how simple it is to operate and drive.

While you're in the car, make note of the placement and size of storage spaces and the positioning of the main dials and controls to see if they suit you. The test car may not have the specific equipment and features you need, so always ask if these are available rather than ruling the model out immediately.

Travel exactly as you normally would

It's tempting to go and take the test drive alone, but if you're regularly going to be accompanied by friends and family – particularly young children – and even pets, check how the drive is together. You'll have the chance to see how easy it is to fit child seats, what the safety and security measures are like, and whether everyone is comfortable. Don't be afraid to bring along bags and place them in the boot of the test car. It will naturally move and handle slightly differently with weight in the luggage area.

If you can, plan a route before your test drive that takes in both a variety of driving conditions and the types of road you'd normally travel on. Test out the brakes, try a hill start, and assess the cornering on a roundabout.

Book in for your test drive at a Lookers dealership today. Call us or make an online enquiry to discuss your needs and make an appointment.