Efficient Version of new Citroen C4 Cactus Revealed

22nd September 2014

A new ultra-efficient version of the all-new Citroen C4 Cactus has been unveiled, called the Airflow 2L, named after the fact that it can boast 2litres of fuel for 100km.

Currently, the most efficient Cactus can deliver an impressive 91.1mpg, but to get that number even higher, Citroen have made some changes for the Airflow.

Compressed air is used to drive the wheels instead of electricity, and the car has a new and streamlined bodykit and wheels which improve aerodynamics by 20%. The front bumper has vents which open or close, and shutters on the wheel that do the same depending on the temperature of the brakes. To make the car more streamlined, there are small cameras instead of wing mirrors.

The car's parts are also lightened by use of carbon composite on doors, wings and other parts, which means that the car is 100kg less than the standard Cactus, and 300kg lighter than a standard Citroen C4.

To find out more about this innovative new car, please contact your local Lookers Citroen dealership today.