Fiat next for the Apple CarPlay system

3rd July 2014

Apple has just announced nine new manufacturers have signed up as partners for the new CarPlay system, and the list includes Italian brand Fiat as part of the Fiat-Chrysler umbrella group.

CarPlay was first introduced in March 2014, at the Geneva Motor Show, and brings the Apple iOS to vehicles. Through specialist software and a touchscreen fitted to the car dashboard, it provides iPhone 5 users with more content, apps and infotainment. Voice-controlled functions will be available through Siri, including hands-free calls, maps and internet search (while the vehicle is stationary).

It's expected that CarPlay will primarily be an optional rather than standard feature. Given the impressive variety of colour, material and equipment customisations that are already available with Fiat vehicles, the system should build on the brand's wide-ranging appeal.

Fiat is expected to announce and launch the first car with integrated CarPlay during 2015 – the model and the release date are both yet to be confirmed.

To find out even more about the numerous, intelligent standard and optional technologies available across the new Fiat car range, please get in touch with the Lookers Fiat team in Stockport.