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Bronze Service

  • £124.99

Silver Service

  • £169.99

Gold Service

  • £209.99

Call us at Lookers Alfa and arrange a suitable appointment. Leave your Alfa with us, arrange a 'Waiting' appointment or book a Courtesy Car at the time of your booking so you can carry on with your shopping while we put your car through a service.

Fiat Stockport, St Marys Way, SK1 4AW
0161 333 3355

      Welcome to Lookers Fiat in Stockport

      We are situated in the Stockport Motor Village on St Mary's Way, behind our Renault and ŠKODA dealership and look forward to seeing you very soon.
      While you are with us and your car is going through its MOT test, you can look forward to a comfortable waiting area, friendly faces and staff members who can show you around the last 'new release' to the Fiat brand.


      Located at the Stockport Motor Village on St Mary's Way in Stockport, Lookers Fiat have designated bays where they conduct your MOT Test using a range of specialised equipment.

      The standards for the test procedures are all set out in a manual which, if you require, can be viewed at any MOT Testing Station. All Lookers
      Fiat technicians have been trained by Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA) and each technician's competencies are tested regularly.
      An MOT Certificate confirms that at the time the test took place, the vehicle met the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law. Bear in mind that this certificate does not mean your vehicle is actually roadworthy for the duration of the certificate and that the test does not cover the condition of either the engine, the clutch or the gearbox.

      Here are some frequently asked questions our customers:

      Q. Is it legal to drive my car to an MOT if it isn't taxed?
      A. Yes, as long as the vehicle is insured and your MOT appointment is pre-booked.

      Q. My front fog lights don't work, will my car fail its MOT?
      A. Front fogs are not part of the MOT so your car won't fail, but the rear fog light must be in full working order.

      Q. Do I need to take my V5 along with me to the MOT?
      A. No. You don't need to take any paperwork along to your MOT.

      Q. Should I MOT my car before selling it?
      A. It's not essential but having a valid MOT would work in your favour as a positive selling point, as it will give a potential buyers piece of mind that your car is in a roadworthy condition - you may even be able to ask for a bit more money!

      Q. Can I still drive my car if it has failed its MOT?
      A. So long as the old MOT is still valid, you may still drive your car until the expiry date of the existing MOT as long as it is road worthy insured and taxed.

      Q. Will it fail the MOT if the rear wiper does not work?
      A. It won't fail as the rear wiper is not checked as part of the MOT.

      Q. How soon before the expiry date can my car be taken for its MOT?
      A. You can take your car any time you wish for an MOT. If your car is taken over a month in advance of the expiry date, a new MOT can be issued for 13 months instead of 12 as long as you take your old MOT certificate with you.

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