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Pothole Damage Safety Check

We are all aware just how annoying it can be to drive into a pothole. Damage caused by potholes is quite varied and as many as half a million insurance claims are filed every year due to pothole damage.

The most obvious damage affects your car tyres. When the tyre enters a pothole the force on it is no longer evenly distributed. The weight shifts and the damage actually occurs when the tyre exits the pothole. This force, if severe enough, can bend the rim and misshape or rupture your tyre. Most modern rims are now made of aluminium instead of steel, so the tyre is even more vulnerable.

Other immediate damages that can occur could include scratches, dents and leaks.

Not all damage from a pothole is immediately noticed. Certain components will weaken overtime due to repeated pothole abuse. Damage to your car's suspension and the vehicles wheel alignment can shorten the life of your tyres, steering components and shock absorbers.

We will carry out a FREE Safety Check on your suspension and wheel alignment which also includes a 25 point health check. This check is designed to make you aware of any such problems so you can keep up with your vehicles maintenance.

Book a Safety Check with one of our SEAT trained technicians today to ensure your safety and your car's reliability.

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