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Range Rover

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Range Rover

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New Range Rover For Sale

The Iconic Range Rover

The silhouette of the Range Rover is unmistakable with gloss black pillars accentuating the floating roof. Its beautifully designed interior gives a sense of calm and comfort, and its suite of advanced technologies delivers performance no matter what the terrain or weather .

The Long Wheelbase body style is instantly recognisable and beautifully engineered. The extra 186mm in the second row gives an unparalleled level of comfort for passengers. 

Range Rover in water
Range Rover pulling a trailer
Range Rover in rocky environment

The interior design of the Range Rover has also been specifically and thoughtfully arranged to benefit the driver – the control panel now holds 50 percent fewer switches than before, providing only the most necessary functions within arm's reach and giving the dashboard a cleaner, uncluttered appearance. Bespoke colour, trim and stitching options are available to customise the cabin, making each journey that bit more personal.

Rear Seats of Range Rover
Range Rover Multimedia Display
Range Rover Steering Wheel

Range Rover Engine performance

An economical and innovative engine nestles underneath the clamshell bonnet of the new Range Rover, and drivers can choose any one of four exceptional petrol and diesel versions that deliver similarly high levels of performance. The 4x4 will roar from 0-60 in just 5.1 seconds when powered by the supercharged 5.0-litre engine, with other versions taking no more than 7.4 seconds, and all are matched with an electronic eight-speed automatic gearbox. Land Rover has also introduced a diesel hybrid engine, which will combines even more impressive levels of efficiency and fuel economy with the solid performance that drivers expect.

Each new engine uses highly economical Start-Stop technology to prevent wasted energy on every journey. By automatically cutting power to the engine whilst the vehicle is waiting in traffic or to pick up passengers, drivers will enjoy a drastic reduction in their fuel consumption with the new Range Rover – it now claims one of the highest combined MPG levels in its class.

Technology and features

The Vogue SE is fitted with the Terrain Response® system, Terrain Response Auto 2, as standard. The system identifies and analyses the current driving conditions, automatically selecting the most suitable terrain programme for the road ahead and adjusting the engine, gearbox and chassis accordingly.

Land Rover has enhanced both the active and passive safety features, including their Intelligent Emergency Braking system for the first time with versions that have Adaptive Cruise Control as standard. By anticipating the movement of other vehicles, the system can prevent collisions if the driver in front slows suddenly or changes lanes without enough warning.

Black Range Rover moving through water

The Range Rover is available from all Lookers Land Rover retailers. Speak with a Lookers Land Rover representative for more details on price and specification.

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