Location Telephone
Chelmsford Land Rover 0844 649 1189
Bishops Stortford Land Rover 0844 649 1185
Battersea Land Rover 0844 649 1183
Colchester Land Rover 0844 649 1193
Chipperfield Land Rover 0844 6590826
West London Land Rover 0844 649 1197

Land Rover Owners Services

Make sure you get the best service for your Land Rover

The Lookers network of dealerships supports Land Rover owners in Battersea and West London, Hertfordshire (Bishop's Stortford and Chipperfield) and Essex (Chelmsford and Colchester). All of our locations offer manufacturer-standard maintenance and MOT testing at our on-site service centres, which are fully equipped to support you and your 4x4.

Visit us for scheduled servicing, vehicle health checks, tyre fittings, seasonal maintenance and your annual MOT. We also carry out many more services, which you can discover more about when you contact us.

High quality work with high quality genuine parts

The stock of replacement parts and items at all of our locations is comprised solely of official components direct from the manufacturer. Each one made for your Land Rover model will fit perfectly, work perfectly and extend the full working life of the vehicle. We always advise the use and fitting of genuine parts to avoid any detriment or damage to your model, and can also suggest the most suitable tyres and accessories.

All work performed at our service centres is completed by our technicians, who have been trained by Land Rover to deliver the best care and support. We aim to keep your running costs lower throughout your ownership and help you avoid unexpected motoring bills. The value you enjoy from such dedicated service is boosted by our special offers on aftersales and pricing to rival other local garages.

Call us or make a booking for one of our Lookers Land Rover service centres via the online contact form below.