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Is Car Leasing Right for you?

Car leasing offers a flexible alternative to buying a car outright, allowing you to drive a new car every few years, with predictable monthly payments and no worries about the car’s resale value. Leasing is effectively long-term rental – pay a fixed monthly fee in return for the use of the car for an agreed time period and number of miles.

Unlike other arrangements you never own the vehicle and at the end of the term it must be returned upon which you could select a new car.

Car Leasing Benefits

  • Offers flexibility to change your car every few years
  • Many lease agreements require a smaller deposit
  • Drive a car that might be out of your price range in terms of purchase price
  • The car manufacturer warranty will normally cover the period of the lease and maintenance costs. Road tax is also usually included in the lease
  • No huge up-front costs, capital outlay or car loans
  • Lease cars offer fixed price motoring where most costs remain the same for the period of the lease

Lookers Car Leasing Options

Whether you are looking for a sturdy SUV for the school run, a nippy town drive or a fleet of executive vehicles for your business we have what you need.

Personal Leasing with Rosedale

Rosedale Leasing are now part of the Lookers group and have a range of fantastic leasing offers on their website. Unlike other car leasing businesses Rosedale can help with part exchanges – so if you’re switching from ownership to leasing, we can help you make that transition as seamless as possible.

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Business Leasing with Lookers Leasing

For those looking for the best fleet deals Lookers Leasing offer a range of vehicle funding and management packages. Business leasing vehicle and fleet management services are developed through personal contact and continued relationships with customers, making it the go-to business for your business.

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What is Personal Contract Hire?

Find out more about personal leasing and the great deals on offer from Lookers.

With a wide variety of makes and models on offer, it has never been easier to easily access the ideal car for your lifestyle.

Personal Leasing

What is Business Contract Hire?

Find out more about personal leasing and the great deals on offer from Lookers.

All business clients can access a huge range of brands and models. Whether you need one vehicle or one hundred, we can help.

Business Leasing