Personal Car Leasing

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What is Personal Car Leasing?

For many drivers, flexibility to choose a new vehicle every few years with no tie-ins is the most appealing way to access a wide range of cars. Predictable monthly payments with no need to worry about a cars resale value make this is a most convenient way to drive.

Leasing, also known as personal contract hire, is effectively long-term rental – pay a fixed monthly fee in return for the use of the car for an agreed time period and number of miles. As with any form of car finance terms and conditions do apply, so it’s always sensible to check those before going ahead.

Unlike other arrangements you never own the vehicle - which must be returned at the end of the term – although a replacement can be easily selected. There is no tie-in to a specific brand or make or model meaning drivers have maximum access to a range of manufacturers and models.

Steps to Leasing a Car

  • Choose from a wide range of models available
  • Make an initial payment (usually equivalent to 3-6 monthly payments)
  • Pay a fixed monthly rental for the duration of the leasing contract term
  • Hand the vehicle back at the end of the agreement.
  • Select an alternative vehicle

Personal Lease Car Deals

Working with 32 manufacturers Lookers ensures immediate access to a huge range of makes and models. So whether you are looking for a nippy yet compact car to get around town or a statement SUV to transport the family, we have what you need.

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