Spring Health Check†

Spring Health Checks, our Mercedes-Benz technicians will check those all-important fluid levels – including screen wash, oil, brake fluid and radiator coolant. To keep you running smoothly we also check the vehicle underside, tyre pressure and tread depth, engine compartment, boot, front and rear end and the vehicle interior functions. All work is carried out using the latest diagnostics systems and equipment with no cost to yourself.

The check is carefully tailored to prepare you and your vehicle for the coming season. We inspect for wear and tear, cosmetic damage and underlying technical issues - and if any problems are identified, they can be resolved on site at our service centre.

We use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts for all maintenance and repairs, and work to the manufacturer's guidelines, so you're guaranteed high quality. With support from our Mercedes-Benz technicians, you can take on the warmer spring driving with confidence. The wide selection of parts and accessories that are available to fit Mercedes-Benz models includes many that are specifically designed for use in spring.

A Spring Health Check can be booked now at all of our Lookers Mercedes-Benz locations. Please get in touch with your nearest team today. You can call us, visit the showroom or make an enquiry online. Alternatively, take advantage of our popular live chat service to book your Mercedes-Benz in for a time that suits you.