Le Mans prototype inspires next Nissan GT-R

6th June 2014

Nissan's GT-R LM Nismo is being developed to compete at the Circuit de la Sarthe in 2015, and the manufacturer has put a high priority on the vehicle's hybrid capabilities. The Nismo is being developed as a Le Mans Prototype (LMP), but Nissan are planning on their next-generation GT-R to contain the same hybrid technology.

The Nismo LMP is yet to have its full details revealed, but it is rumoured to contain a hybrid powertrain. Nissan has registered a patent for the 'R Hybrid' name, which is likely to be used for its upcoming high-performance hybrid vehicles. Nissan's vice-president, Andy Palmer, has stated that the combination of improved fuel economy and performance in hybrid vehicles is relevant to their aim towards low carbon emissions, with a goal of eventually eradicating emissions entirely.

Palmer believes that the technology used by Nissan for its racing vehicles should be a key influence on the technology used by road cars. Technological links will be established between the road-worthy GT-R models and Nissan's racing LMP evolutions, with Palmer hoping that the two types of vehicle will directly influence one another in the future.

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