13th February 2015

Nissan Leaf Glows in the Dark

Nissan live up to their 'innovation that excites' slogan once again as they become the first car manufacturer to directly apply a bespoke glow in the dare paint to their 100% electric car the Nissan Leaf

Nissan always leaders in innovation have become the first car manufacturers to apply a glow in the dark paint to one of their most popular models. The market leading all electric Nissan Leaf will now be available with the option of a specially made glow in the dark paint. Nissan want to show how the Nissan leaf is helping in getting people to convert more solar energy at home, and in turn protecting our vulnerable environment.

Nissan worked alongside inventor Hamish Scott the creator of STARPATH, which is a spray applied coating that can absorb UV energy during the day meaning the paint will glow for between eight and 10 hours when the sun goes down.

Although glow in the dark paint is already available for cars, Hamish has created a bespoke ultraviolet-energised paint especially for the Leaf. The paint has been created using a secret formula made up of entirely organic materials, again protecting our environment. The Nissan Leaf paint contains a very rare natural earth product called Strontium Aluminate, which is solid, odourless and chemically and biologically inert.

Nissan will be the first car makers to directly apply paint to one of their models and the paint, if made commercially available, is expected to last up to 25 years. Research carried out by Nissan on Nissan Leaf owners found that 89% of them charged their car at home overnight. The paint used on the Leaf uses UV energy absorbed during the day to help it glow at night. Although solar panels do not store energy or provide it outside of daylight, any leftover power generated during the day is fed back into the national grid and homeowners can get a Government payment for it, meaning that the overnight charge is already paid for. With a running cost of just two pence per mile many Leaf owners are using the money they save on fuel costs and installing solar panels in their home, effectively charging their Leaf for free.

Speaking of the Nissan Leaf's continued success in the UK Paul O'Neill Nissan UK's EV Manager said: The Nissan LEAF is a shining beacon of sustainability and the future of motoring. Not only is it saving our customers money in running costs but it we are now seeing how it is helping people become more environmentally sensitive by reducing their carbon footprint."

Lookers Nissan are proud to sell the popular Nissan Leaf at their dealership in Chester. For more information on the Leaf or to arrange a test drive contact a member of the Lookers Nissan team today.

By Jenna Niblock