Nissan LEAF styling and range set for upgrade

2nd September 2014

The all-electric Nissan LEAF is already among the most advanced cars on the road today, and the Japanese brand is to take the model a step further with new styling and a range increase.

The new exterior has already been revealed in an image released by Auto Express, and Nissan's latest design approach has clearly been applied. Details including the chrome 'V' badge surround and blacked-out pillars will be regular features of vehicles arriving in the near future, and on the LEAF they joint neat body crease and sharp headlights.

As well as revising the styling, the brand has been working on its battery technology and has created a new system with far greater energy density. The result is a massive increase in range for the LEAF, taking its current 85-mile limit to an excellent 186 miles. Models with this new powertrain will likely go on sale alongside those with a smaller unit that offers a shorter range, extending the car's appeal to more motorists.

Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure is growing in the UK, making it more convenient for buyers to run the LEAF as an everyday car. EV rivals Tesla are introducing supercharger stations that have the capability to charge batteries in just 30 minutes, and they will be available to all EV motorists, according to brand CEO Elon Musk.

The forward-thinking LEAF delivers a host of benefits to motorists who make the switch to an EV, and with Lookers Nissan you can learn about them all with the help of our team. Enquire soon to book a test drive.