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Pothole Damage

Book a FREE Safety Check at Lookers Renault in Chester and Stockport to make sure your car hasn't sustained any damage from pothole abuse.

Pothole damage can cause premature wear and tear to your car's suspension and steering components. The tyres and rims may also be damaged by potholes, but the parts that take the biggest knock from hitting a pothole are the shocks and struts.

The shocks and struts work by compressing and expanding, using hydraulic oil which alleviates the effects of driving on an uneven surface. Potholes, especially large ones, can even cause the shock or strut to bottom out, which then transfers the force of the impact to the coil or leaf springs of the vehicle. In addition to these components, other parts such as control arms, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings and axle shafts are all at risk to pothole damage.

Once you have driven through a pothole, you don't know what damage may have been sustained to your car, leave it to our Renault trained technicians located at a Lookers Renault dealership in Chester and Stockport and book a FREE Safety Check today to ensure your safety and your car's reliability.

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