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Training Academy

Lookers is proud to offer what we think is the most dynamic and challenging apprentice programs in accident repair today. We are passionate about training and we are particularly looking for young individuals who are seeking a career in Vehicle repair and in particular the three categories you see listed below. We have a reputation for providing a professional service to our thousands of customers, and our goal is to retain that reputation. We believe we can only do that by training our people well and giving them the skills and qualities necessary to do the job properly. If you are interested in our training program and would like to know more, please get in touch. It could be the best decision you have ever made!

M.E.T.(Mechanical, Electrical & Trim)

When damaged vehicles are first assessed many parts may have to be removed to get the full extent of the damage. Accident damage is not just limited to what you can see, it can also extend behind the obvious damage into areas you can't see. The job of the M.E.T. technician is to remove the necessary trims and panels, sometimes electrical items and mechanical components so a full damage assessment can be made. Removed items then have to be safely stored for them to be refitted and any broken parts have to be replaced.Acccidents can cause all kind of damage and the M.E.T Technician must be able to lend himself to all eventualities. From replacing a bulb right through to an engine strip and refit. We are not just looking for mechanics. We are looking for people with a wide range of skills who are prepared to give the task their full attention. People who are not afraid of a challenge and would like to learn a craft with real skills for a future in the accident repair industry. Are we talking about you?


The job of the panelbeater is primarily to repair damaged panelwork both structural and cosmetic. It does go much further than that though. You may be required to weld different types of metals, fabricate sheet metalwork and carry out fibreglass repairs. Structural repairs will require knowledge of jigs and how to pull and repair vehicles safely and successfully. You will have to understand how vehicles are constructed and equally important what they are constructed from. Correct repair procedure starts with an understanding of how vehicles change when damaged and what to look for when repairing. Quite often to look beyond obvious damage you will find the not so obvious. Some impacts cause consequential damage (One panel damages another then another and so on)The job of the panelbeater is to know how to reverse what has happened in an accident. You will need to know lots of different repair procedures and how to interprete written instructions from various sources. New vehicle are being launched every year and repair methods are constantly changing. There is so much to learn. The job of the panelbeater is an extremely rewarding one, and it requires someone who is prepared to take in vast amounts of information from a variety of different sources. Could we be talking about you?


Damaged vehicles will almost certainly require paintwork. We see vehicles with all kind of damage from the smallest scratch to full vehicle rebuilds. One common thing amongst them all is the need to rectify paintwork. The job of the painter is to assess what is required and apply a series of repair techniques designed to put any vehicle back into its pre-accident condition, From correct choice of rubbing down materials to masking up and applying different types of primers and paints. You must have a good eye for colour as the range of colours available today runs to the tens of thousands, and not all are available to choose from a colour code. If we dont have the correct colour formula you must be able to tint and blend, fading into existing paintwork for an invisible repair. The skilled painter must be able to recreate all the varied colours, textures and finishes on every car you may paint. As you can imagine this requires a wide range of skills, and a lot of patience. Could this be the job for you?