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Winter Tyres Specification

Winter tyres are an important aid to safety and handling in the colder months. But purchasing winter tyres is just the first step. It is important to ensure they are of the correct specification and fitted to your car with due care and attention. For example, if you already own a set of winter tyres, it is essential to be aware that a minimum tread depth of 3mm is strongly advised.

If you're purchasing a new set of winter tyres, you will also need to know certain details about your vehicle's existing wheels – namely the width, profile, size, load rating, and speed rating. This information is vital for obtaining a set of winter tyres that work correctly. Fortunately, all it takes is a quick look at the number visible on the side wall of your tyre, which will be arranged in a format similar to the following:

225/45R17 W90

The "225" indicates the width of the tyre in millimetres. The "45" after the stroke tells you the "profile" of the tyre, or the width of the tyre compared to its height (45%, in this case).

The "R17" indicates the size (in inches) of the wheel rim to which the tyre is designed to be fitted. Finally, the "90" denotes the tyre's load rating (the maximum weight each tyre can carry), and "W" denotes the speed rating (the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a load corresponding to its Load Index).

Choosing the right winter tyres

All winter tyres deliver outstanding traction and grip in cold weather. The market in these products, however, is as varied and competitive as any other area of the automotive industry. Each manufacturer available at Lookershas its own range of specialist winter tyres that perform especially well in certain cold-weather conditions, or on particular road surfaces.

Some winter tyres, for example, work best on snow-covered country roads, while others are best on wet motorways, or off the tarmac altogether. There is also substantial variation between the tyres that are suitable for different classes of car and van. The design of winter tyres for high-performance cars, for example, will be focused on retaining stability at greater speeds, while those fitted to SUVs will be specially adapted for travelling in snowy or icy conditions when off-road.

Ask Our Winter Tyre Specialists

To customers unfamiliar with winter tyres, the amount of choice available may seem daunting. Our tyre specialists, however, are experienced professionals who will be able to recommend the most suitable product or products for your type of vehicle, driving habits, and the winter conditions that you are most likely to encounter.