Lookers Ben Pritchard and friends rally in support of Manchester Dogs Home
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Lookers Ben Pritchard and friends rally in support of Manchester Dogs Home

19th September 2014

Big Hearted Biker Ben Shows his support for Manchester and Cheshire's Dog Home after hundreds of rescue dogs are left without a home following tragic fire.

The country watched in horror last week as a ferocious fire ripped through Manchester's Dogs Home. As firefighters fought to control the blaze, locals and staff raced to rescue as many dogs as they could, unfortunately more than 50 dogs perished. After the awful tragedy dog lovers across the country rallied in support of their furry friends and raced to donate, food, beds, leads, and toys.

Ben Pritchard who works as a parts advisor at Lookers Vauxhall Warrington was deeply affected by the news and so set about arranging an event on behalf of the Dogs Home to raise funds. Ben a keen biker quickly rallied as many of his fellow biker friends as he could and arranged a bike meet on Sunday 14th September. More than 200 bikers turned up to the meet some dressed in doggy suits and brought trollies loaded with dog food, leads, toys, and beds. Ben and his friends also held a raffle to raise money for the home, and in the space of only 2 hours they raised a very impressive £400.

Ben and his biker buddies were also joined at the meet by some of the 150 dogs that survived the fire as well as the owners of the home who were reduced to tears by everyone’s generosity. Ben said of the event ‘Dogs have been a massive part of my life, There part of the family I want to do everything I can to raise money for the dogs home’. Ben is already planning a big bike show at the Manchester Dogs home next year, to show their support and raise more funds.

Ben his friends and some of the dogs from the Manchester Dog Home

Ben has proved that bikers may be big and scary but have they big hearts and lots of love for their canine friends!

Anyone who would like to donate to the Manchester Dogs Home can do so here.

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