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Vauxhall reveal the inside story behind the revival of the classic Viva

30th June 2014

Vauxhall has unveiled its motives for bringing the Vauxhall Viva back to life in the UK.Following the manufacturer's announcement in May of its plans to revive the classic '70s model, it has revealed how exactly it decided to envisage the new Viva.Based on the Chevrolet Spark and likely to be available for less than £7,000, the new Vauxhall Viva has been designed specifically for the UK market. The nippy city car is ideal for customers who want a compact but practical drive.Chairman and Managing Director of Vauxhall UK Tim Tozer said of the special badge for the UK: “It is something I have pushed for. What we can get best out of this global company is a very pragmatic 'what works is what works' mindset."

He went on to say: “I am still surprised how often I am asked if the Vauxhall brand is going to be swapped for Opel. The Vauxhall brand has a resonance in this market [Britain] and we would be absolutely bonkers to throw it away."

For further information on the new Vauxhall Viva including specifications and release dates as they're announced, speak with your nearest Lookers Vauxhall team.

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