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Air-conditioning Service Offer

Look after your air-conditioning and it will look after you. Efficient air-conditioning contributes to road safety and provides a pleasent enviroment for you and your passengers. However air-conditioning can also become contaminated with micro-organisms, which are blown into the passenger compartment

In line with recommendations from vehicle manufacturers, we now use a special ultra-sonic cleaning system to remove and prevent bacterial build up in your vehicle air-conditioning system. This service is recommended every 12 months

Looking After Your Air-Conditioning

Unfortunately Air-Conditioning (A/C) is not maintenance free, but with a small amount of regular maintenance, it will give years of trouble free and comfortable motoring.

A/C Do's & Don'ts

  • Do use your A/C all year round. It not only controls the air temperature but also keeps windows clear of condensation.
  • Do open your windows first on warm days to expel the hot air before using the A/C. This will cool the car more quickly and mean the A/C has to work less hard to chill the air.
  • Do have your A/C regularly serviced every 2 years to prevent unwanted repair bills
  • Don't worry about increased fuel consumption. Above 30mph the drag created by an open window will use more fuel than your A/C*
  • Don't leave your A/C off for long periods of time. This may result in seals drying out and loss of refrigerant. It also puts extra load on the compressor.
  • Don't ignore A/C faults. If your A/C is not cooling effectively it may be low on gas and will have to work harder to chill the air using more fuel.
  • Don't ignore A/C faults. If your A/C is not working ask us to check it for you. A stitch in time can save nine.
  • Air-Conditioning Cleaning
  • Remove fungi and bacterial build up from your vehicles A/C evaporator
  • Remove unpleasent odours from your vehicles A/C
  • Help prevent allergic reactions
  • Help prevent regrowth of bacteria for up to 12 months
  • Leave your vehicle smelling clean and fresh

Only £29.99 including VAT

Air-Conditioning Re-Gas

Drain all refrigerant
Check A/C system for leaks
Recharge refrigerant and lubricant
Check system operating pressure
Check car cabin temperarture

Only £99.00 including VAT

Air-Conditioning Combination

Only £100.00 including VAT

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