Smart Repair at our Glasgow Accident Repair Centre
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Smart Repair

How annoying is a small scratch, a dent or a ding on your car? It's bad enough when you do it yourself, it's even worse if someone else does it. But now, if it happens, you can relax.

We now offer a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to repair minor damage without the cost of removing panels or the hassle of having your car out of action for days. Simply book your car in at our Small Area Repair Technique (SMART) facility at our Glasgow Accident Repair Centre and they'll sort out everything from a chipped windscreen to a torn seat, a cracked bumper to a dented wing - and have your Audi back to you as good as new, in next to no time and no need to claim on insurance, no impact on your no claims bonus and no effect on your insurance premium.