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Prevent Car Theft

We've had reports from Forth Valley Division of Police Scotland of an increase in incidents of vehicle theft within their local area. Vehicle theft can happen anywhere, and they've given us this safety advice that should be considered:

Always lock your doors and windows
As well as ensuring your car is always locked when unattended, it's important to ensure the windows and doors in your home are locked.

If you have a car alarm, make sure you use it
Anything that can alert you, and other members of the public, that your car has been compromised can deter thieves.

Don't leave valuables in your car
If you don't want to remove these items, store them out of site in the boot or glove box. Don't leave important documents like bank statements or credit card bills in your vehicle as this information can be used to steal your identity or to access your accounts. Your driving licence or registration documents could also be used to sell or dispose of your car.

Make sure your car and house keys are not on open display
One of the easiest ways for someone to steal your car is to steal the keys. Never leave your cars keys in the hall or in the door lock as they can still be easily stolen by feeding a wire or grasp hook through the letter box or window.

Consider the installation of a tracker on your car
If your car is stolen, having a tracker installed means that you're more likely to get your car back. Tracking devices are supported by all UK police forces and help locate and recover your car.

For more safety advice please contact your local police division.