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Q7 deep learning concept

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January Audi is demonstrating its Q7 deep learning concept on an open area for self-driving cars. Developed with microchip partner NVIDIA, the system uses a two megapixel front camera and NVIDIA Drive PX 2 processing unit to control its steering. The Q7 deep leaning concept uses a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which allows it to learn from the driver.

With a human driver at the wheel, and the use of additional training cameras, the Q7 concept uses observation to gain familiarity with a route and its surroundings as well as creating correlations between the driver's reactions and the events detected by the cameras. During subsequent drives, it is able to understand instructions, like a temporary traffic signal, interpret them instantly and act accordingly. The design of the system is so robust that it can cope with variables such as changing weather and light conditions. It is able to master tasks day and night, even in direct sunlight or harsh artificial light.

Audi believes Artificial Intelligence is a game-changing technology for piloted driving, which is why they are working closely with leaders in the electronics industry. Audi is working with its partners to evaluate various approaches and methods for machine learning. These collaborative efforts between companies in IT and the automotive industry are important for future implementation in concepts and production cars.