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WLTP - Worldwide Harmonised Light-Duty Vehicle Test Procedure

What is WLTP?

WLTP is a replacement for the current New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test that covers emissions and consumption values for vehicles. All vehicles in the EU undergo emissions testing prior to going on sale and with this new test lab measurements will better reflect the on-road performance of a vehicles.

WLTP will measure a vehicle's CO2 meissions, fuel consumption (MPG) and pollutant emissions taking into account vehicle mass (including optional equipment), tyre rolling resistance class and aerodynamics producing values that are comparable worldwide.

What does it mean?

WLTP will give you greater clarity in relation to emissions and consumption values of vehicles. As the test aligns closer to real world emissions, some vehicles with combustion engines or a short electric range may have high consumption and emissions values.

NEDC will continue to be used for the official emissions (CO2) and fuel consumption (MPG) values. As and when WLTP figures become available for new model introductions, these will also be available for customers. It is worth noting that the NEDC CO2 values will be used for taxation for the tax years 2017/2018; 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. It is only for new cars registered after April 2020, that the WLTP values will be used for taxation purposes.

How will this affect new car purchases?

After 1 September we are no longer able to sell new vehicles unless they are WLTP compliant. This will result in availability of models being reduced, lengthy delays when ordering a new car and new models may have higher running costs. However, we have a fantastic selection of cars that must be sold and registered before 31 August 2018 with fantastic savings so it's a great time to secure a new Audi.

For more information on WLTP, please visit the Audi UK Introduction to WLTP page or get in touch with your nearest Lookers Audi centre.