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Fixed Price Adblue Refill at Lookers Audi

Many cars, including some of the latest Audi diesel models, are fitted with AdBlue emissions control equipment. AdBlue has been introduced across the motor industry to help the latest generation of diesel engines meet Euro 6 emission standards. These vehicles have a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) installed with an AdBlue tank which automatically injects AdBlue solution into the exhaust system to mix with the emissions produced by the engine to remove harmful nitrogen oxide emissions.

Here at Lookers Audi we are offering our customers AdBlue at a fixed price of £1.50 per litre (including VAT and labour to fill). While your car is being filled you can also take advantage of an electronic vehicle health check (EVHC) and service wash.

The AdBlue in your Audi will need topped up from time to time and we recommend that only reputable AdBlue is used. The amount of AdBlue used is linked to fuel consumption so your driving style, vehicle size, load, outside temperature and a number of other factors can affect how quickly it is used. Your Audi will give you a warning when it is running low. Make sure you act on this warning and visit your nearest Lookers Audi. If you run out of AdBlue completely and the engine is turned off, it cannot be restarted until at least 5.7 litres of AdBlue fluid has been added.

For more information on AdBlue, or any of the other services we offer, please contact us.