Audi Technology

Audi Technologies

Audi models are equipped with the very latest safety and driver assistance technologies, so whatever comes your way out on the road your car is prepared. Intelligent safety features keep a lookout and anticipate any unexpected situations that might arise keeping you and your family safe.

Cross-traffic assist rear

Audi Cross-traffic assist rear

When reversing there's only so much you can see in your rear and side-view mirrors. Cross traffic rear assist can alert you when vehicles cross your blind spot and activate the brakes if necessary.

Side assist

Audi Side Assist

It can sometimes be difficult to see what is behind you when changing lanes. Audi side assist uses sensors to pick up anyone in your blind spot and will alert you before you make a move.

Turn assist

Audi Turn Assist

You've stopped and signalled to turn right, however oncoming traffic may not have seen you. Turn assist sees traffic coming the other way and stops you in time, in case the car coming towards you doesn't.


Audi quattro

When someone ahead of you swerves, quattro all-wheel-drive helps you manoeuver safely around them by distributing grip where it's needed.

Park assist

Audi Park Assist

Audi Park assist technology takes control of the wheel meaning you can park in the tightest of spaces with ease.

Adaptive cruise control

Audi Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control can slow down your Audi, keeping you a safe distance from the car in front - even if it comes to a sudden stop. When traffic starts moving again, the system accelerates to resume your set speed.

Pre sense

Audi pre sense

Audi pre sense keeps an eye on the road and warns you of objects in front, applying the brakes if needed. Whether it's a pedestrian stepping into the road, or a car that sudden;y brakes, this system is designed to keep you safe.

Lane assist

Audi Lane Assist

When you start to drift out of your lane, lane assist keeps you on the straight and narrow, especially at high speeds. It can detect road markings, and when you veer from them it sends a vibration to the steering wheel so that you can correct your position.

Matrix beam

Audi Matrix Beam

Fully automatic, matrix LEDs anticipate oncoming vehicles and corners and dip your main beam accordingly, or adjust to fully illuminate the road ahead as you take a corner.​

Light sensors

Audi Light Sensors

You no longer need to worry about adjusting your headlights. If the weather deteriorates, or if it gets darker, sensors automatically turn your headlights on.

Rain sensors

Audi Rain Sensors

Having to constantly adjust wiper intervals can be annoying. With rain sensors, simply switch the wipers to 'auto' and wiper speeds will change automatically depending on the amount of water hitting the windscreen.


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Vehicle driver assistance and safety systems are not a substitute for attentive driving. Drivers retain full responsibility for providing the necessary inputs for safe control of the vehicle. System descriptions within this page are provided for information purposes only. System limitations and operational requirements apply.