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An optimum match between your tyres, wheel and suspension components is crucial to achieving the perfect driving response. BMW Star Marked Tyres increase both safety anddriving pleasure, and have been specifically designed in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers to meet the needs of your BMW. Benefits of Star Marked tyres include:

  • Perfectly fitted. Tyres are individually tailored to each model.
  • Tested. The tyres undergo an intensive selection and testing procedure.
  • Sporty. The tyres will provide a ultra high performance.
  • Safe. Tyres will come with the latest in run-flat technology.
  • Economical. Tyre with reduced rolling resistance.

Every tyre is highly economical, individually fitted and rigorously tested, and ensures your BMW’s performance won’t be compromised.

For more information on BMW Star Marked Tyres or for a quote please contact your local BMW Centre.

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