The advantages of buying from a used car dealership

What exactly are the benefits of using an approved Used Car dealership?

When you are looking for a quality used car at a reasonable price it can be very tempting to go straight to the classified ads in the local newspaper to find out what is available from private individuals in your area. It is true that many good deals can indeed be found in this way, although it is usually an advantage if you have some prior experience with or relationship with the person who is selling the car. However, especially if the person selling the used car is unknown to you, there are also a number of good reasons to purchase a used car through an established car dealer rather than directly from the current owner.

Essentially, buying a vehicle from a dealer eliminates many of the risks that can be inherent when purchasing a used car. There is, perhaps, no way to eliminate risk completely, but going to a reputable local dealer, with a significant trading history, can certainly go some way to reducing any problems.

Dealer Expertise

For a start, dealers usually have access to greater technical and mechanical expertise than a private owner. In most cases, a car passing through the hands of a dealer will go through a technical inspection and will have significant faults corrected. To further assist you, the buyer, in this you can and should request a written guarantee on any repairs carried out.

Used Car Finance

Second, a dealer will probably be able to arrange financing for the purchase of a used car, which is something private sellers will be unable to provide. In the vast majority of cases they are unlikely to accept anything other than cash.

Linked to the financing issue, dealers are also generally familiar with the bureaucratic requirements of transferring car ownership from one person to another. This assistance with the paperwork should ensure there will be no nasty surprises further down the road.

Better Selection of Used Cars

Finally, a dealer can offer a wide selection of used cars in one place, from one source. This cuts the work that a prospective buyer needs to do in looking through lots of newspaper advertisements and speaking to a number of different people. A dealer with his or her own premises should be able to show you a number of cars that fit your budget and requirements. If they cannot do this for you on the spot, maybe you should consider trying a number of different dealers.