Buying a car after the car tax rules change

From October 1, paper car tax discs will no longer be used. The system is switching to fully digital records, with checks carried out using Automatic Number Plate Readers (ANPRs). Drivers who purchase a second-hand vehicle must also be aware that the existing tax won't be transferred.

A recent poll of around 1,000 UK motorists showed that close to two thirds are unaware of the new rules from the DVLA. Those who inadvertently break the new car tax regulations could be fined as much as £1,000.

Tax will still need to be paid on every vehicle. Pre-owned car buyers could end up paying a little more, as the remaining months left on the car will not be carried over. Sellers who notify DVLA of the change in ownership will however receive a refund for the time left on their annual tax.

There are other changes, such as the new ability to pay car tax by monthly Direct Debit, rather than on a six-month or yearly basis. Drivers paying by credit card will need to be aware of a small surcharge for doing so.

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