Features to look for when buying an MPV

MPVs are rather different from other types of family car; both in the way they are constructed and in the way they run. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying a used MPV, the wish list you put together when deciding on the specific model you are searching for is likely to look rather different from one you would use when purchasing a family or sports car.

There are a number of tips that might help in your search for a cost-effective used MPV and should ensure you save money, as well as identify a higher quality vehicle.

Storage space

When in the market for an MPV, one of the most important attributes for many people is the amount of space that is available for storing luggage or other items. In a car, it might be easy to get a capacity measurement for the boot or to look at the space between or behind seats, but in an MPV there are other possibilities to check for. One storage area that it is easy to overlook, for example, is the space within the floor. This area is often covered by a simple panel and is versatile in the type of items that can be stored there. It is worth checking the specification of the model you are interested in to see if such storage space is included in the design.

Similarly, you should also check how many of the seats in the vehicle can be folded flat. The more seats that can be folded flat, the more storage space there is that can be made available for transporting large items.

Driving comfort

The driving position in an MPV is often quite different to that of a 'normal' family car and a number of special features may be available to improve driving comfort. It is worth checking, for example, whether the steering column or pedals can be adjusted according to the driver's height. In addition, effective internal mirrors, sometimes known as conversation mirrors, can be helpful for drivers with families. If a used MPV has any of these driver features, they may be decisive for some buyers in making their choice of vehicle.


Above all, for many people, a number of safety features are worth looking out for. The presence of a rear-view camera for ease of parking, comprehensive airbag cover for all seats and traction control, are all extras that might be added to a comprehensive wish list.