Why a used car may be better than a new one

In some circles, used cars and used car dealers face something of an image problem, as portrayals in the media tend to be unflattering and there are often scare stories circulating about buying used cars. However, in the vast majority of cases, purchasing a used car rather than a new one may be something that a buyer will find has a number of significant advantages.

Used cars can be cheaper

The price of a used car is certain to be significantly lower than that of a new model, even if the car has only relatively recently been taken out of the garage showroom or has only a very low mileage. Because new cars depreciate in value from the moment that they are driven out of the showroom, even a recently bought car, which in all other respects might be as good as new, is likely to be significantly lower in price than the brand new showroom version.This is not the only way that the buyer of a used car might be able to save money, because the cost of insurance might also be lower. This is something that should be checked with your insurance company, which will offer different quotations, depending on the age, model and value; having a used car may result in a significant saving on the premium payable in comparison with a new car of the same model.

Used car warranty

Buying a used car at a lower price does not necessarily mean a loss of warranty. Many used cars are sold while the original manufacturer's warranty is still valid, so the buyer gets the benefit of the remaining period on this warranty. In addition, a certified used car may be available from a manufacturer and this is likely to mean that a warranty is automatically included in the sale, as it is generally part of the certification.

Used car history

One of the most important points for a significant number of used car buyers, however, is that the history of a used car can be traced and examined. This means that any weaknesses that have shown up in the car's performance are likely to have been documented in some form, along with records of any damage or accident history.

Although car testing is thorough, a new car comes straight from the production line, so there is no history of actual road usage to rely on when judging the potential and quality of an individual car.