What to consider when buying a new SUV

SUVs are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and we've put together a list of considerations when buying your next new model from this growing class.

Vehicle size

Each SUV will generally fall into one of three classes – compact, mid-size and full-size. Today, there are many different models to choose from, so consider your everyday driving and how suitable each will be.

A full-size SUV would be the choice for active families living in rural areas, who may often navigate roads less travelled and need room for masses of luggage. Those living in urban areas who want to combine agile performance with a high ride height would be wise to choose a compact.

Interior capacity

Almost all SUVs will carry five, and many now have capacity for seven. Even the smallest models will be designed to maximise interior space in the cabin and boot, and most feature flexible seating arrangements which can be folded flat to increase the luggage area.

Performance and economy

The recent refinement of SUVs means they no longer have a reputation as fuel guzzlers, and many now include smaller dimension engines usually found in hatchbacks. Look to crossover models such as the Nissan Juke and ŠKODA Yeti for greener emissions around the 100g/km mark. With a mid or full-size example, capable off-road navigation is matched by smooth motorway cruises, and they therefore make sense for those requiring versatility.

Operating costs

With cleaner and more economical powertrains, SUV running costs continue to drop as less road tax and fuel expense is generated. Compact vehicles will be the most affordable, as consumption is typically lower, and two-wheel drive set-ups are less complex to fix than four-wheel. However, the cost to run mid- and full-sized alternatives is far less today than it used to be, and such models shouldn't immediately be dismissed before you've done your research.

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