Bringing the cost of your finance agreement down

Finance agreements are an excellent way for motorists to access the latest models without the need to save a large volume of cash to purchase outright. Such deals do mean that interest is paid on top of the vehicle's price, but there are ways to reduce the final amount you will end up paying.

Part exchange

A part exchange of your current model is the most obvious way to cut your costs when arranging a finance plan, as it allows the final amount you owe to be slashed by your car's value. What's more, you avoid the inconvenience of having to sell privately.

Larger deposit

The more you can pay upfront, the less you will owe over the length of the agreement. By putting down the highest deposit you can afford, lower monthly payments can be enjoyed if this is a priority.

Shorter terms

Lengthier agreements typically mean a lower monthly cost, but this does mean that interest will also be paid for longer. By opting for the shortest terms possible, you limit the amount of interest accrued overall.

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