Using a credit card to purchase your next vehicle?

There are many ways to finance a car purchase, including on a personal credit card if your credit limit is high enough. As with all methods of financing, there are pros and cons: make sure it's the most suitable way before you proceed with the transaction.

Every purchase between £100 and £30,000 paid by credit card is protected by the Consumer Credit Act. This will only work in your favour if the seller accepts your card as a form of payment for the full balance. It can sometimes be possible to pay by credit card in part, with cash or a bank transfer needed to complete the payment.

To new applicants, some cards are available with zero percent interest for a set amount of time, typically 18 months. If you believe you can pay off the balance in full within this time, it may work out as a more affordable option that paying another loan with interest. However, once the zero percent term ends the interest rate is likely to be extremely high – if you're still paying the car off, it's likely to be more expensive.

Certain credit cards will also offer rewards, such as air miles, points, cashback and discounts. They're not always the most useful or appropriate benefit, so evaluate what you really need first. You'll also need to wait until your card application is accepted to find out whether the new credit limit is high enough to make the purchase.

You can find out more about car finance while you're taking a test drive and receiving more advice from any Lookers dealership team in the UK.