How you can afford your dream car

In August, a total of more than 65,000 vehicles were registered, signifying the 18th consecutive month of increasing new car sales year-on-year. With the new 63-plate just launched, it's expected that the trend will continue, with thousands of car buyers seeking their dream car with a brand new registration.

If you're looking for your dream car, there are plenty of finance options available to help make it a reality.

If paying in cash isn't an option for you, you may wish to take out a hire purchase agreement, which involves monthly payments with the option to purchase the car at the end of your agreement based on its new value. Similarly, with a Personal Contract Purchase agreement the end value of the car will be agreed at the start of the contract so you can plan accordingly. Other options include a personal loan, mortgage top-up or credit card payment.

Whatever decision you make it's important to ensure you are clear about your initial budget, which needs to cover the deposit and any other down payments, and your monthly budget for finance repayments. Stick to these strictly and buying your dream car can be a smooth and satisfying journey.

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