Spotting problems with your car's cooling system

Overheating is one of the most frequent causes of vehicle breakdowns, so watch for these warning signs when you're on the road:

A weaker cooling effect than usual

Air con and climate control systems are powered by the engine, and they can slightly lower your car's fuel economy when they're in use.

If the air coming out of the vents feels too warm or not as strong as usual, you may assume that there's a battery or engine issue. It could however be a problem with the cooling system itself.

Adding unusual amounts of coolant

The interval for changing the cooling fluid should be noted in the manual for your vehicle. If you're finding you need to add coolant more frequently than this, there may be a leak or usage issue.

Fluid leaks

Should you find fluid appearing in the car, check for the source of the leak immediately. It may be that one of the pipes in the coolant system is cracked or worn – these are usually simple to have replaced.

You may want to take your vehicle to an authorised service centre and have a technician evaluate the problem.

Engine or fluid odours and sounds

Keep a keen ear out for hissing sounds or the distinct smell of a hot engine, and seek advice if you feel concerned about any unusual noises.

Book in at an authorised Lookers dealership whenever your car needs maintenance.