Caring for your car's interior

Cleaning your vehicle on the inside is more than just about pride - dust and dirt could clog air vents, ruin your upholstery and cause other damage.

Having a clear-out of the interior of your car can sometimes seem daunting, especially if you haven't got round to doing it for a while. Keeping your vehicle's cabin clean and tidy needn't be hard work - even if you've selected lots of optional design, style and technology extras.

One of the simplest things to start with is to give the seats, floor and any other fabric sections a good vacuum. Pay a little more attention to the contours in your seats and in the footwells.

Dust off and wipe down the dashboard, metallic or plastic parts, and the instrument display, with a clean damp cloth. Remember not to use dry cloth or kitchen paper as it might scratch the surfaces. If you need to get into the air vents or other smaller gaps to clean them out, why not use a cotton bud or toothbrush?

Before cleaning your upholstery, check that you're using the right products for the textiles. Fabric and cloth seats can be gently sponged with a wet rag and some soapy water, while leather needs a wipe down, followed by careful application of a special leather conditioner. In both cases, the key is to minimise the use of water.

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