How to properly clean your car's alloy wheels

Alloy wheels not only give a car a sportier finish, they also improve acceleration and braking performance. Looking after them is therefore important to prolong their lifetime, and keep your vehicle looking its best. Here's a quick guide on how to keep your alloy wheels looking and performing at their best.

What you need

For a thorough clean, you'll need: a hose and bucket, soft cloth or washing mit, a towel, a dedicated wheel cleaning brush, wheel cleaner solution, and polish. It's important to remember that wheels will come with different finishes and coatings, so make sure you choose a polish that is suitable for those fitted to your car.

Clean, then polish

Start by hosing down the wheels to remove any loose dirt. By using just the hose without a head, you can bend it to get into all the smaller areas. Removing dirt and small stones helps to ensure scratches don't appear when polishing.

Next, add the cleaning solution and water to the bucket and use the cloth or mit to gently wipe the alloys. You can use the brush to remove stubborn grime, and clean right into the corners of spoked alloys. When the wheel is completely scrubbed, use clean water to give them a final rinse, and dry them fully with a clean towel.

Finally, to polish, simply apply a small amount of the appropriate product to a dry and clean rag, and buff the alloys until they look shiny. If your model's wheels are anodised, this won't be necessary, and petroleum jelly can be used instead to improve their look.

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