Common maintenance mistakes

Keeping your car in great shape isn't complicated if you follow the instructions on your vehicle's maintenance schedule sheet, and use guides like Lookers Car Advice. But certain mistakes are often made – we've listed some of the most common below:

  • Consider your car - These days a hugely diverse range of models are available, and different classes and types of vehicle need very different maintenance schedules. Check your car's schedule (usually found in the glove box) and act accordingly – the techniques you used for your previous vehicle may not apply.
  • Consider where you drive - Similarly, many people do not change their maintenance schedule according to their driving style. If you often drive in hot conditions your tyres may need changing more frequently, and driving in urban areas can make changing your air filter often necessary.
  • Do your brakes feel the same? - If you notice any slight changes to the feel, responsiveness and sound of your brakes, visit a mechanic immediately. It's very dangerous to ignore alterations to your brakes, but it happens far too often.
  • Use your garage - If you have a garage, use it. Not only will it make your car more secure, it helps to protect your car from the elements, and from the attentions of birds.
  • Check your gas cap - If your engine light goes on, check your gas cap before calling the mechanic. The gas cap is crucial to the car's ventilation, and if it's on loosely it could lead to the engine light causing you unnecessary worry.
  • Replace your windscreen wipers - If you can't see, you're more likely to crash. Replacing your windscreen wipers before a long journey, or as the autumn rain begins, can save you from the myriad of maintenance issues brought about by a collision.

If you would like more maintenance tips, or to learn about the expert servicing and maintenance at Lookers, please contact our friendly team today.