Keep your paintwork looking good

Whether you've bought a brand new car or rely on an approved second-hand model, you'll naturally want to keep it in the best condition. Every time you go out for a drive you're showing off your car, so maintaining the body and paintwork is always important.

Regularly cleaning your vehicle by hand or taking it down to the car wash will prevent dirt from affecting the paint. Do this as soon as possible if a bird has left a mess on your car - if left too long, the mess will start to adhere to the paint and harden. You'll then end up with a permanent dull blemish on the bodywork.

Finishing a thorough clean of your model with wax or polish will keep the paint protected for longer. Some car wash programmes can add this for you, or you might choose to do the job yourself with a chamois leather.

Where you decide to park and leave your vehicle each day might also have an effect on the paintwork quality. If you can, pick a quieter spot at the supermarket or shopping centre to avoid scuffs and dents from trolleys. Avoid parking next to someone who's clearly parked badly if you think they'll bump into you while opening their door or moving off.

If there's a chip in the paint, this can usually be easily fixed at home with a touch of body paint in an identical colour. You might have received a small sample with your new car, and most good retailers of car accessories will stock a wide range of colours and paints.

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