Why you should get your tyres rotated

One of the best ways to get more life out of a set of tyres is to have them rotated on a frequent basis until they need replacing. This involves swapping over the front and rear tyres to ensures they wear down in a more balanced way.

Due to a number of different factors, including road condition and the way you prefer to drive, tyres don't wear evenly all the way around. Front-wheel and rear-wheel drive systems also put more pressure on those particular tyres.

An inbalance in tyre wear can lower the overall performance of your car, and particularly the fuel economy level that your engine can achieve as it'll have to work harder to deliver grip and traction. With less tread on your tyres, your braking distance will also increase – this is something to be more mindful of in wet, icy or snowy road conditions.

By rotating the tyres when necessary rather than having new ones fitted immediately, you'll also save money on vehicle maintenance. The cost of tyres and labour is reduced, as well as any expenses to have your engine and brakes maintained more often if you're running on inefficient tyres.

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