Safely check and maintain your car battery

The battery is a vital part of your vehicle, which must be inspected and maintained with caution. Battery faults and failures are a primary cause of breakdowns – avoid this scenario with the following advice:

Once the car is switched off and cool, make any checks required. Ensure that the battery is securely in place, and that the terminals are clean and attached tightly.

Make sure the level of electrolytes in the battery is correct. If this needs to be topped up – which is rare – use only distilled water to do so. Carrying out the top-up is advised only in an emergency.

Charge the battery fully on a regular basis to keep it in optimal condition. This typically takes eight hours of continuous driving from flat, demonstrating just how much pressure there is on the battery and the importance of keeping it charged. Making only short and infrequent journeys may mean that not enough charge is returned to the battery, leading to problems.

Battery failures are not always easy to predict. They are however more likely to occur if the battery was fitted more than three years ago. Up to one fifth of the cars currently on the road will need their battery replaced this year.

We always recommend having battery checks and other important maintenance carried out at an authorised service centre. To make a booking with your nearest Lookers team, please get in touch with us online or by phone today.