Spring Driving

Freshen Your Car Up For Spring

With winter quickly fading into the background, this is the perfect time to give your car a freshen up.

Tyre Check

Seasonal spring showers will cause slippery road conditions, reducing your car's handling and distance it takes to stop.

To avoid hydroplaning, check the tread, pressure and overall condition of tyres as a wet road can be just as dangerous as an ice one.


Rain will hinder visibility, so ensure all your lights are working. Check for cracks in taillights, indicators and brake lights.

Wiper blades

Replace worn out wiper blades so your car is capable of effectively clearing water from your wind shield.

Reduce Speed

Any exceptional rainy days will cause the roads to become slippery.

Along with rain water, oil and other leaked fluids means you will have to increase your stopping distance when braking.

Be Vigilant

The spring thaw can result in potholes forming along weakened areas on the road's surface.
Spring is considered pothole season and it is best to avoid them if you can. If not, avoid sharply breaking and ensure your car rolls slowly over the top of any potholes.


Your car will take the brunt of the worst of the winter weather on the undersaid. It is best to hose down any mud and salt that could corrode your car over time.


Remove grime and dirt from the paint work of your car with warm water and car shampoo. This will help avoid further corrosion on existing areas of corrosion and stone chips which will only get worse if left.


Ensure the inside of your car has thoroughly dried out properly as wet damp clothes and shoes help to keep moisture within your car.

Shampoo and vacuum your car's upholstery and carpets to ensure there are no lasting damp smells. Also make sure you car's air conditioning system is in good condition for the warmer months ahead.

During the winter months bacteria and mould can build up in the system and you may experience the following once you begin to use it gain:

- Unpleasant Odours
- Sore Throats
- Difficulty in maintaining certain temperatures inside your car