Ten easy car maintenance tips

Today's cars are made for longevity, but you still need to take care of yours to ensure it's always performing at its very best. These ten tips will help make sure your car gets you from A to B for as long as you want it to.

1. Tyres

Your tyres are the only four contact points between you and the road, so it is in your interest to ensure they are in good condition. Tyre tread is a tell-tale sign of wearing. Measure your tread depth with a tread depth gauge. Buying winter tyres for the colder months will also prolong the life of your car's tyres.

2. Brakes

Your brake system is fundamental for your safety and that of others. You should check your brake fluid level and change it regularly. And it's also important to check your brake-pad condition and replace them when it's worn. At Lookers our trained technician are on hand to check your brake fluid and pads.

3. Spark plugs

You car's spark plugs are responsible for combustion in the engine. If your mileage is suffering, it could be due to faulty spark plugs. You should check these every 30,000 miles your car clocks up, or get your nearest Lookers service centre to check them for you.

4. Battery

This doesn't often need replacing, but when it does, it's important to make sure it's done right. Perhaps you might consider upgrading to an advanced-technology battery that will extend the life of your car. Typically, the battery needs proactive attention every five years.

5. Fuel filter

The fuel filter is often overlooked. However, it's on continuous duty when your car is running so over time replacement will be necessary. To safely replace your fuel filter, ask a technician at Lookers to assess the situation and handle it for you. This usually needs to be done every two years.

6. Coolant

Check the level of your coolant regularly, because the liquid in your radiator serves as coolant, antifreeze and guards against corrosion. The typical coolant and water mixture ratio should be 50/50.

7. Power steering fluid

If your car has power steering, you'll need this fluid to consistently lubricate the operating system. Simple checks should be done by looking at the reservoir or checking the dipstick. If the levels are often dropping below the suggested amount, ask a technician at Lookers to take a look – we can quickly diagnose and fix any problems for you.

8. Air filter

Your air filter acts as your car's lungs. It ensures that the air for your engine is free of contaminates that may damage your car. You should check the air filter every year to ensure good performance.

9. Engine belts

Engine belts keep your alternator and water pump in play. If they are worn down too far, it can lead to expensive engine work. These need to be checked at least every three years, and Lookers will always check them when you take your car in for a service.

10. Body paint

Checking body paint is not only for the aesthetic of your car – the finish actually protects your car against corrosion too. Wash your car regularly to avoid wearing. Waxing and polishing the paintwork will also provide extra protection.

The key to car maintenance lies within your glove box; your car's manual will provide you with specific measurements and mileage intervals between replacements. For further information, visit us at Lookers. Our experienced, professional team can answer all your questions and provide servicing for your car whenever you need it.