Tips to extend the life of your vehicle

Here are some helpful hints and tips for looking after your car that aren't very widely known. Keeping some of these small points in mind when you're on the road could prolong the life of your model and keep it in better condition for longer.

Keep your keychain light

If your car key is attached to a number of keyrings and other keys on the same chain, this can put added weight on the ignition. As a result, the tumblers may wear out more quickly and cause the ignition switch to fail.

Put tape over cracks to prevent them from worsening

As soon as you spot a crack in one of your lights, place some clear tape over it for protection until you can get to a service centre. This will stop dirt and water from getting into the crack and potentially making it worse.

Don't use water instead of washer fluid

It won't clean the windscreen as effectively, and it's more likely to freeze up in winter and damage your car.

Put your air con on when it's cold

Running it just a few times during the autumn and winter will keep the system in proper working condition. It prevents the moving parts from seizing up, protecting the air con for when you come to use it more frequently in summer.

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